AutoBoard Announces New Enterprise Digital On-boarding Solution

On June 1st, AutoBoard Systems of Austin, TX has announced a new digital on-boarding application for financial services customers to manage their legal and compliance mandates. This Customer Obsessed On-boarding solution tames the changing landscape of legal compliance by giving greater control over jurisdiction, governmental, and internal compliance, without sacrificing the customer experience. Retail customers have long enjoyed one-click installs and on-page onboarding, while Global Financial Services business like Money Transfer and Remittance Services have struggled to make it easy for their customers to set up cross-border multi-currency payments accounts. We make setting up your customers account faster, and integrate with your digital strategy for delighting your customers along their digital journey.

Featuring Complaint Secure Cloud and Customer Portal Experience:

AutoBoard’s Secure Cloud environment is safely accessible through mobile, tablet, and web while also GDPR, AML, and KYC compliant. The trusted Salesforce Paas prevents data breaches in this 100% digital on-boarding experience.  DocuSign or other digital signature capture tools can be used as part of the solution.

Customer On-boarding:

Our goal is to have a country-specific turnkey solution that will generate a positive ROI for all departments. Marketing may benefit from the integration and enrichment of data for re-marketing. Sales and Customer Success appreciate the reduction in friction through customer self-service, automatic follow-ups, and better visibility into the customer’s behavior. Compliance and legal benefit from the risk reduction, full audit trail. The advanced compliance feature allows pre-defined rules for new users, define the auditing process for the organization and all users, how anyone can log any issue, route to the proper person or department for resolution, and verify that it’s been resolved.


We can work with resellers, and can provide the solution through in your Salesforce instance, a frameset in the legacy system, or through an API to reduce implementation costs.

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