Customer On-Boarding App

Assign Tasks Based on Email Address

Unique Hosted Web Page per Customer

Notification and Escalation Engine

Tracking and Audit Reports

100% Salesforce Native

Same Page: One hosted web page shows the new customer and your team The On-Boarding Plan so everyone is on the same page, in real-time. This brings clarity to the process and sets appropriate expectations by showing what they have to do and by when.

Task Journey: Setup your customized on-boarding process by putting your task list into the system and assigning either a department or an employee to them. No more cc’ing everyone on emails. Automate even further by classifying your tasks per customer type or per product type, so when you get that new customer, the system knows to generate that specific sequences of tasks.

Don’t Worry: We have an escalation engine so you don’t have to worry about one person missing something. Do not rely on any one person. For example if one person misses their task, the software automatically pings that person again and if the person doesn’t respond, then it pings their manager making sure all tasks completed.

Dynamic Project Management: We make it easy to collect information from customers, and Automate the next step based off that information. This cuts down on labor and makes the onboarding happen faster.

Avoid Documentation Disconnect: Connect appropriate attachments, or links, that get sent out to the appropriate people as part of the Automated workflow to avoid manual mistakes.

Audit Trail and Reporting: We collect an audit trail, which can include Approvals, as well.

Reduce Licensing Costs: It’s easy to share the onboarding plan with Non-Salesforce Users and give real time Status updates to the client without having to do anything.

Security Enterprise Security, 100% Salesforce Native

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